Seacleaners international Foundation
Environmental Cleaning Organisation since 2007



Would you like to sail with the Seacleaners-int boat DELFINI to remove litter.

For the lowest possible amount to experience the highest possible unforgettable adventure for 5 days.

You sail to remote beaches and islands to remove litter, along the way you can encounter dolphins, sea turtles, rays and dozens of different bird species.

Of course we take the time so that you can enjoy and document with photos, videos or just as a super nice memory of this unforgettable adventure.

This background image is the location where you will participate in the adventure {not bad though}.

We also offer kayak trips, walks, meditation moments in the same period and environment and let you enjoy the local culture.

We provide accommodation in the form of shared apartment, apartment or campsite.

PAY ATTENTION! this is a trial registration to see if enough people are interested in participating in this adventurous trip for 5 to 6 days, maximum 4 people per week.

So you can participate with different nationalities, unless you book as a group of 4 people as friends or company.

All required safety equipment is on board such as, the best automatic life jackets, buoys, lines, VHF radio and extensive first aid kit with a first aid expert.

Prices include accommodation and fuel for the boat {Prices have not yet been calculated}

Prices do not include round trip travel, transport to location, food.

The available dates are from the beginning of May to the end of Augustus, you can specify a preferred date.

Due to the corona measures, we cannot predict whether it can continue this year.